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Take Action for NYS Library Aid NOW - contact your elected officials!


NYS Budget negotiations are currently underway between the Governor and legislative leaders. Governor Cuomo proposed flat funding for library aid - $86.6M. The state Senate has proposed increasing library aid $5M, and the state Assembly has proposed a $2M increase. We believe that library aid should be fully funded under state education law at $102.6M. But, absent full funding, library aid should at least increase in proportion to any increase in education funding.

The time is NOW to contact your elected officials and make your voice heard on library aid! If you sent a letter a few weeks back, you should ALSO send this one. Thanks to your engagement after the Governor’s Executive Budget, the legislature included the proposed funding increases noted above. Now we need to make sure we get at least the $5M the state Senate proposed, but our goal is to ensure library aid increases in proportion to any increase in state education funding.

Click here to take action NOW – your participation makes a difference! 
This action takes 30 seconds if you use our pre-loaded letter, but you may also edit the letter to speak directly about your library or library system.

Thank You!

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